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Detective stories

Voici la nouvelle policière en anglais écrite par les 3ème Euro de cette année et qui a gagné le premier prix décerné par la section américaine du Lycée International .

The mystery safe

There was this famous and beautiful castle where a princess lived. One day, someone cast a spell on a safe in the castle. If someone opened that safe at midnight there would be a crime committed by the person who had opened it. Everyone in town was afraid but no one remembered the spell, it was a long time ago. Nowadays nobody believed in spells anymore but they had to be careful because I’m going to tell you what happened a month before.

It was a day in January. I was talking to detective Smith, my employer, when suddenly a man who looked stressed came into the room. He seemed to have run, his hair was in disarray and his breath was wheezing. Mr Smith and I were really surprised, we were not expecting anyone that day. The man breathed for air and said: – « Princess Amala needs your help! The safe has been robbed! » – « Calm down, said Mr Smith. Sit here and explain us everything. » – « Someone has stolen the Princess’ safe. » – « Well, I’ll come tomorrow to see if I can find some clues. »

The young man thanked us and left the flat. The next day, Mr Smith and I went back to the castle into the room where the safe was supposed to be.

– « Can you see anything suspicious? » asked Mr Smith.

– « No Sir, everything is fine except the safe. Isn’t it strange? The robber didn’t leave any clues » I answered Mr Smith who pondered for a while.

In other cases, there were always clues, or someone who had seen something or someone but, there, it was as if a ghost had stolen the safe. Amala came in. She was alarmed because the safe contained a lot of diamonds and jewels… and obviously because she didn’t want murders in her kingdom. Mr Smith reassured her saying that the thief had just stolen jewels and the spell didn’t exist. Amala was about to regain her composure when all of a sudden, the cook arrived frightened and yelled:

– « The servant is dead! »

My employer and I, her loyal assistant, went to the kitchen and saw the servant’s body lying on the floor. She was pale and her eyes seemed terrified. She had been stabbed, there was blood all around her. She was already really stressed about her wedding which was coming in two weeks, it was too much for her. I was looking for a clue because I didn’t believe in the legend. I found a ring near the dead lady. The detective examined carefully the body and saw it. He thought, turned to the cook and told him:

– « Isn’t that yours by any chance ? » The cook was panicked and spoke:

– « I swear I didn’t do anything. She was my closest friend. I’m begging you, believe me. »

– « It is too late now. We’ve found your ring next to the body and you obviously are the murderer. You should have thought before acting. Guards, take him to jail! »

This case was solved really fast and the next day, when we went to jail to see if the princess’ cook was going to tell us the truth, one of the guards informed us that he had been found dead around midnight in his cell. He had been stabbed. – « He wasn’t the murderer finally », I said.

– « He probably committed suicide after finding out he was going to stay in jail for the rest of his life. »

– « I think it’s a little bit suspect »

– « Maybe the curse was true… Anyway, we don’t mind anymore, this case is closed!»

– « Maybe », I said even if I didn’t believe a word of what he was saying.

During the wedding’s preparations, Amala was overwhelmed and the whole kingdom was expecting for this event to change their minds after these terrible crimes. But there was still one thing missing, where was the safe? and how could we find it? A piece of the puzzle hadn’t been solved. I decided to go to the wedding but I didn’t want people to recognize me so I dressed up as a guard to keep an eye on the princess and her fiancé and to make sure that the murderer wouldn’t come back.

As we were waiting for the groom to arrive, his father went to the room where he was supposed to get ready but he wasn’t there neither were his clothes.We all thought he was scared to become the new king of India so he had left to take some fresh air but in the evening he was still not there. Amala didn’t know what to think about the prince’s decision.

It was strange because the day before, he had said to Amala that he was ready to become king if he was with her. They were in love, why would he be scared?  And why didn’t he leave a letter to say that he was leaving ? My instinct told me that maybe the prince had been kidnapped by the same person who had killed the cook and the servant. To me, the cook didn’t do it, I knew it was someone else and that was some sort of a clue. I had to get to the bottom of things. When I went to the kitchen to drink some water, I saw blood prints and a broken vase, it didn’t seem like an accident. I decided to follow the prints and they led me to the back of the castle. There was just some garbage and a strong smell of gasoline, as if a car was there. I understood that the prince had been kidnapped. I saw a black car at the corner of the street and decided to follow it.

One hour later, the car parked in front of a shed. Instead of following them inside I waited for them to go and broke through the door of the car to find the identity of the kidnapper. I started to open the trunk and, the safe was there ! I was so lost but in fact it was logical the robber was the murderer ! I partially opened the door of the shed, silently and hid, and I heard the conversation between the two men. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you the name of the murderer… It was my employer, detective Smith. I thought I was going to lose consciousness, it was impossible. Actually, the prince was his cousin and he was so jealous of him being rich and famous, he wanted to kill his friends and cause him pain. I immediately called the police, I was betrayed.

A month later, here we are again to celebrate the wedding and this time nothing is going to disturb them. Nothing was like the first time; everyone was calm and relaxed even the groom and the bride.The groom was still mad and disappointed with his cousin but decided to move on with a new happy life. When the bride arrived, everyone looked at her, amazed by her beauty.

She was wearing a long traditional Indian dress, it was bright red, with gold embroidery which gave the dress a true elegance, she really looked like a queen, she was marvellous ! It was the most beautiful wedding ever seen in the world.

Three weeks later, at this moment, I am sorting papers and thinking about the opportunity I have; I am my own boss, I have got my own office to work on cases and solve them. What happened several weeks ago was totally insane and a lot of things have changed. Suddenly, Maria, my assistant opens the door brutally and says : “ You have to go to India, princess Amala has disappeared ” !

Auteurs :Jeanne Fromager, Alice et Inès Gombault et Aiyanna Guerra